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A Game Changer

US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Inductee, along with his brother Dan (2016), rated 1 of the top 48 greatest skiers of our time and most influential people in the last 35 years (Powder 2006), top 50 skiers on the continent (Powder 1999), and top 7 in the world (Powder 1995), John has skied what others thought were unskiable, dozens of times.

John competed on the US Pro Tour, Mogul Tour and at the US Snowboarding Championships, but he soon realized he’d rather explore what Mother Nature had to offer instead. 

Warren Miller discovered John in the 80’s and identified him as an original “poster boy” referring to him as “the A.T.V. of skiers – the boldest and most innovative to come along.” Warren then sent him all over the globe for more than 14 films. John produced and starred in many more, represented brands, hosted promotions, and performed as a stunt man. His onscreen and press visibility includes The Today Show, The New York Times and other local, national and industry-specific media.

John continues to pursue his love of the mountains both on the road and at home, from Antarctica to Sugarbush. As founder of the Adventure Learning Center at Sugarbush, he transforms the on mountain experience. Egan tirelessly spreads his philosophy on mojo, advances theories of perpendicularity and flow-mentum, while sharing gravitational enhancement techniques. 

Collaborating with partners, he inspires with lessons learned outdoors and how to apply them to everyday life to increase performance and enhance one's quality of life.

For more than 40 years, John is a proven leader on and off the mountain and an enthusiastic and influential spokesperson for the ski industry

If you talk with anyone lucky enough to have spent time with John, they’ll tell you he has changed their life. He is a revered teacher and icon and continues to inspire generations to come.

photo: Barrie Fisher

Ski with John

John is available for ski coaching at Sugarbush and guiding around the world.